Day 4. Beer – Malt Coast Brewery – Amber Ale

Another Monday beer sponsor is H Banham Ltd, a family run agricultural merchant in Hempton. They are in the business of trading grain, seed and fertiliser with local farmers. Most of the grain they trade is malting barley, which goes to make malt, a key ingredient of all your beer. 😊 North Norfolk grows some of best malting barley in the world, so that is something to be proud of. H Banham Ltd have a real passion for malting barley, whether it is for the 55-year-old barley varieties like Maris Otter, or the newer varieties just on the scene, it all ends up producing beer. Back in 2015 they organised a beer festival to celebrate Maris Otter’s 50th year. H Banham Ltd are also sellers of small bag fertiliser for allotments and gardens, and have a range of grass seeds for lawns and paddocks. Call 01328 863741

Video by Red Flame Communications

Tonight’s beer for H Banham Ltd is a beer from Malt Coast Brewery at Branthill, near Wells. Their 4.7% Amber Ale is where roasted malt meets fresh hop. Smooth, well balanced, and easy drinking. A beer in harmony. They call it the perfect sundowner. Their beers are brewed mainly from their own barley grown on the farm, it is all about promoting “barley to beer”, as there are many people unaware that beer comes from barley. This brewery is at the same location as the Real Ale Shop, so as well as plenty of their own beer to buy they do keep a great range of other Norfolk beers. It’s definitely worth a look.

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