Day 3. Beer 2 – Tipples Brewery – Moonrocket

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For N.C.S. Carpet Warehouse we are featuring Tipples Brewery, from Salhouse, and their Moonrocket Pale Ale. This bottle conditioned 5% pale ale is generously hopped with a very crisp feel and mouth-watering citrus dry finish. Works well with spicy food. Check out their website for the extensive range of beers. “Where possible we stay true to a traditional method of brewing, using only malted cereals mostly from East Anglian maltsters. We don’t add chemicals to the water before brewing and we use no preservatives in our beer.” Tipples beers pub availability changes regularly, but has been known to be in Hempton Bell. You can arrange to collect beer from the brewery, and bottles are also available from The Giddy Goat in Sheringham.  Cheers.

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