Day 10. Beer2 – S&P Brewery – Blackberry Porter

Our Sunday evening sponsor is has been designing websites commercially since 1997. Over the following years, they’ve produced countless sites for individuals, businesses, charities and local government bodies across the UK and abroad, but chiefly in the Norfolk area. They’ve been creating sites using WordPress since 2010. They don’t normally design in-house now, but work in partnership with a trusted local design house for the clients’ website work. They liaise with the customer in the first instance to determine what’s required, then involve their design partners to explain the technology they originally used to build the site and get the work complete to everybody’s satisfaction. Having said that, they may select the occasional project to do themselves, just to ‘keep our eye in’. As experienced WordPress geeks, it would be a shame to lose the unique skillset they’ve acquired over the years! If you have a new website project, or need work done on an existing site, please get in touch. They provide a personal, professional service and will aim to look after you every step of the way. They even look after the festival’s own site. Thank you.

Time to go to the dark side with S&P Brewery’s Blackberry Porter. A dark, fruity little number. This robust 4.4% porter has a fragrant, fruity aroma and lingering sweet taste of blackberries. Rich with a dry finish. Unfortunately S&P do not have beer in bottles, but they will be working on it, but do their beers in firkins and polypins. S&P beers are worth tracking down. You should find them in the King’s Head in Norwich and The Dog in Horsford. Cheers.

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